Cold Weather Pest Control: Uninvited Guests

Cold Weather Pest Control: Uninvited Guests

The past few days in Southwest Florida were certainly… invigorating. Okay, they were downright chilly, the kind of chilly that leaves us running for shelter and warmth. As you might imagine, we aren’t the only ones running inside. That makes now the perfect time to discuss cold weather pest control.

cold weather pest control

Cold Weather Pest Control

If you’re new to Southwest Florida, you might have laughed watching your neighbors scurry about. Give it a few years. You’ll run with us for warmth. Humans acclimate fairly quickly. Animals of all kinds acclimate, too. Pests up north might not consider the weather of this past week cold enough to seek shelter, but pests in Florida certainly do.

wolf spider and babies
Flickr Creative Commons/Brian Valentine
A wolf spider carrying hundreds of babies, looking for a new home.

Protect Your Home from Uninvited Guests

The first rule of pest prevention is to control entry points. Cracks in the foundation or along exterior walls make perfect entryways for all sorts of critters. Slightly larger cracks, missing soffits, or open windows and doors, are excellent entryways for rats and snakes.

To protect your home from these uninvited guests, make sure that you properly seal all possible entry points. If you want to take advantage of the cooler air and open up the windows and doors, be sure there are no holes in the screens. While you’re checking screens, be sure to check the corners of the screens to make sure they’re still secure.

If you’re uncertain that all of the entry points are secure, get the help of a professional pest control technician who has been trained to inspect homes.

Evicting the Uninvited

Perhaps it’s too late and you found out the hard way that your home has hidden entry points. Don’t panic! While it’s always better to prevent pests from getting into your home, there are of course ways to remove them.

While smaller pests like spiders and insects can be poisoned with little ill effect to your home, poisoning a larger pest isn’t always wise. Once poisoned, rodents like to hide away, often inside of walls, where they die and begin to decompose. The stench will become unbearable and you’ll find yourself ripping out walls to get rid of it.

To save yourself the expense of home demolition, make sure that the pest control expert you choose isn’t using poison to kill the rodents.

Making Sure Every Guest is Invited, That’s Our Job

We take pride in helping our clients maintain a healthy home. If you’re not sure that your home is ready for the next cold snap- and you know it’s coming- give us a call. We’d love to perform a free home inspection and evaluation. We’ll offer you a plan of action and invite you to partner with us in protecting your home.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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