Eco Friendly All Purpose Cleaner DIY

Eco Friendly All Purpose Cleaner DIY

Wish there was a better way to keep your house clean than by dousing it with chemicals? Looking for a safer, more cost effective alternative than expensive store bought cleaners? Worried about exposing your kids and pets to excessive chemicals just to keep them from catching a cold? You’re in luck! Our eco friendly all purpose cleaner is just what you’re looking for.

Eco Friendly All Purpose Cleaner

Eco Friendly All Purpose Cleaner

Pest control is a partnership between your family and our company. As your partner, we care about your family’s health, that’s why we pay such close attention to the chemicals we use and the frequency of our visits. Keeping the house tidy- something pests hate- is an equally important role in our partnership. To help you handle your end of the deal- and avoid over spraying harmful chemicals- we’ve developed this kid and pet friendly, eco friendly all purpose cleaner.

Want to know what else is great about our all purpose cleaner? The essential oils we chose have been proven to possess potent antibacterial properties! Say goodbye to bleach on countertops! Just spray, wipe, and allow to air dry.

All U Need All Purpose Cleaner

1 cup water

2 teaspoons castile soap (check Amazon or your local health food store)

10 drops tea tree oil

10 drops lemon oil (bonus: fabulous kitchen degreaser!)

Combine all ingredients in a *glass spray bottle. Shake for 30 seconds to combine.

To benefit from the antibacterial properties, surfaces should be allowed to air dry, or at least remain damp for 2 minutes.

Now about that *glass spray bottle: we know what you’re thinking. Where are you ever going to find one and why would you want to?

First, the why. Essential oils are fabulous. Not only do they smell great, they’re safer for your home, your environment, and your family than gobs of chemicals and they do a fabulous job. A little goes a very long way. An average size, 1 oz bottle of essential oil contains approximately 600 drops. This recipe only uses 20 total. But there is a downside. Because they are so potent, they do have a tendency to cause the harmful chemicals found in plastic to leach into the spray. That’s why we recommend using a glass spray bottle.

Now, the where. This is the really easy part. You know that bottle of apple cider vinegar you bought at the grocery store? Most likely it came in a glass bottle. Empty the vinegar from the bottle, run it through the dishwasher, and pull the spray nozzle off an old spray bottle. If the straw part is too long, you can trim it to fit the bottle. If you’re concerned about the chemicals from the plastic spray attachment leaching, remove the spray attachment prior to storing. See? That was easy!

All Purpose Pest Control Partners

We hope this recipe helps keeping your home healthy and tidy easier. Pests are opportunistic creatures. By keeping your home clean, you reduce their opportunities to find food. A clean home is an important part of the pest control puzzle. We are the other piece. We look forward to helping you find more creative ways to keep your home happy and healthy, for you and your family.

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