Best Eco Friendly Way to Keep Your Pantry Pest Free

Best Eco Friendly Way to Keep Your Pantry Pest Free

The struggle to keep your pantry pest free is real. The idea of slathering chemicals all over the shelves you store food on is not very appetizing. Even less appetizing: the idea of eating roach or rat poop. Seriously, it happens, and no one wants that to happen, right? Fortunately, there is a solution. Let’s talk about the solution today.

keep your pantry pest free

Keep Your Pantry Pest Free

No one likes pulling out their bag of sugar to find tiny teeth marks along the edges. If you don’t have a pest proofing system in place, it’s going to happen. Suddenly, your attempt to bake cookies turns into an all day, scrub the pantry out affair. Not only does this cost you time, it also costs you money in lost food. No one likes throwing money away.

Fortunately, there is a system you can put in place that will protect your pantry goods from becoming dinner for unwanted guests. It isn’t expensive and it is easy to use.

1. Call a Professional

If you truly want a pest free pantry, your first step is to call a professional. At All U Need, we offer a free home inspection. This inspection includes looking in your pantry for any cracks that need to be patched to protect your food.

Another benefit to calling in a professional that cares about your family’s safety is that any pest control techniques she uses in food storage areas will not endanger your food. That’s far safer than grabbing a can of chemicals from the grocery store and spraying down your shelves yourself.

2. Seal it Up

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In the fight to keep your pantry pest free, air tight containers are your friend. Not only will they help keep food fresh longer, they also keep scents locked in side. We’ve all seen the way a mouse’s nose twitches as it scurries around. This is because they are always searching by scent. If you can seal away the scents, the food becomes harder to find.

3. Use Scent to Repel

Just as pests are attracted to certain smells, they are repelled by others. You can take advantage of this weakness by making sure those smells are in your pantry.

Rodents and roaches both hate the smell of peppermint. Grab a pretty jar, some cotton balls, and some peppermint oil. Soak the cotton balls in peppermint oil and then store them, uncovered, in a jar in your pantry and change them out once a month.

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