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Home Watch Services


If you can’t find someone to watch your humble abode while you’re on vacation or out of town, the next best thing is to enable a home watch protection & inspection system.

And that’s where we come in……

At All ‘U’ Need Home Watch, our Home Watch Inspection Program is designed for the vacationing, seasonal or absentee owner. When you’re gone, you can trust us to keep a careful trained eye on your most prized possession–your home.  Feel at ease about the condition and safety of your property while you’re away from your home.

How we’ll keep it safe

Our trained and careful inspectors will walk through your home, inside and out. They’ll check for any issues with the roof, plumbing, appliances and lighting. They’ll also make sure the doors and windows are securely locked, check for any pest infestations and address any security concerns. They’ll also bring in mail, packages, papers and small debris. This makes it look like someone’s living there while you’re away, keeping unwanted burglars at bay.home-watch-services-intro

Another concern, that often goes unnoticed, are termites and other wood destroying organisms such as wood beetles. Owner Craig Carlson is a professional. He’s been doing these types of inspections for over 15 years. And our top-to-bottom inspection will tell us what type of state your home is in. Wood destroying organisms can compromise the structure of your home and could potentially cause thousands of dollars in damage. We simply do not want to see that happen to you.

All U Need Home Watch will perform either a Weekly or Biweekly inspection.  Every visit to your home is supported by a written report sent by email within 24 hours of our visit to your home.

Interior Home Service Inspections Include:
  • Check for signs of forced entry, theft and /or vandalism
  • Check to make sure all doors and windows are securely locked
  • Check for signs of water damage on floors, ceilings and walls; check for unusual odors
  • Check for leaks around air condition unit, check thermostat
  • Check refrigerator, freezer and make sure ice maker is turned off
  • Check hot water heater leaks
  • Check traps in sinks and tubs, flush commodes
  • Check toilets and sinks for leaks
  • Check circuit breaker box for signs of surge
  • Check and reset microwave and stove clocks
  • Check for signs of pests or insects.
Exterior Home Service Inspections Include:
  • Visual inspection of home exterior of broken windows, theft or vandalism
  • Check screens and porch enclosures for tears or damage
  • Visually inspect gutters and roof for damage from the ground
  • Check mailbox and remove newspapers, flyers, packages and phone books from front porch
  • Forward mail if requested (extra charge)
  • Put trash cans away after home owner’s departure
Give Craig a call at (888) 425-5066 if you want to make sure your home is safe–both inside and out. And if you’d like some peace of mind while you’re away from it, he would love to help.

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