How Smart Are Bees? New Study, New Insight

How Smart Are Bees? New Study, New Insight

Roll a ball? Play fetch? Solve quantum physics equations? Just how smart are bees? And if they’re so smart, why do they keep moving into old hives after you exterminated the last batch? Read on to find out!

How Smart Are Bees?

We all know that bees are important for pollenating flowers and food crops, but did you know they were smart, too? A new study released last week proves you don’t need a big brain to be brilliant. In fact, bees, who obviously have tiny brains, are more intelligent than we thought.

The study, released February 23, 2017, from Queen Mary University of London, set out to discover if bees could be taught to roll balls and score goals. Yes, you read that right: Bee Soccer was born at Queen Mary University and bees, it turns out, are excellent soccer players. While learning to score goals might not be the same as solving complex equations, it does prove that bees are capable of complex problem solving.

So how do you teach a bee to play soccer? Turns out all you need is a bit of sugar water and a willing coach. Bees were shown how to roll a ball to a specific point- the goal- and rewarded with sugar water when they succeeded. If that sounds a bit like how you taught Rover to play fetch, you’re right. It turns out bees learn as well, if not better than, man’s best friend.

Researchers also discovered that bees learn by example. They’re not just buzzing around, driven by instinct. They have the capacity to watch and learn, demonstrating highly organized thought processes.

Wait. If Bees Are So Smart, Why Do They…

… keep taking over old hives? We get this question a lot. Let’s answer that question with a question of our own. When you’re in the market for a new home, would you prefer to build one yourself or have someone build one for you? Of course most people want someone else to build the house for them. So how smart are you? Pretty smart, right? And so are bees.

So what can you do to keep bees from moving in to old hives? Simple: remove the hives. Any time you remove bees, make sure that you remove the hive or the next time a swarm is looking for a new home, they’ll move right in and you’ll be back to square one.

Bees Are Smart AND Important

When it comes to the diminishing bee population, pest control companies are often looked at as the culprits. Responsible pest control experts, such as those you’ll find at All U Need Pest Control, take our role as protectors of your family’s health seriously. This includes being concerned about the health of our ecosystem. To that end, All U Need Pest Control is currently exploring new options for bee removal rather than eradication.

Interested in learning more about what we’re doing to protect our intelligent friends, the bees? We’d love to talk to you about it. In fact, Craig’s been on a mission lately, learning more about bees and hive removal so that we can implement this practice. He’d love to talk to you about it and about where we’re at as a company in implementing this practice.

Remember: the goal of pest control is not to eradicate pests from the planet. Each one plays a vital role in keeping our planet healthy. The goal is to control which pests gain access to your home. Wonder which pests are lurking in your house? Call today for a free home inspection!

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