ECHO Global Farm Client Spotlight

ECHO Global Farm Client Spotlight

Arriving at ECHO Global Farm for the initial inspection was an eye-opening experience for Craig Carlson, owner of All U Need Pest Control. ECHO isn’t like the other 800+ farms in Lee County. It’s a farm on a mission: to reduce hunger and improve lives worldwide.

ECHO Global Farm: Client Spotlight

“ECHO is a farm. We have pests,” Pete Singer, ECHO’s Physical Plant Supervisor told Craig. “Do you think you could help us beat them back a bit?” Craig looked around the vast property with many homes, a seed bank, tropical plant nursery, book store, and more and nodded. In fact, he assured Pete, All U Need could do even more.

ECHO Global Farm

ECHO had tried other pest control services and techniques but the results were not great. As Pete and Craig toured the grounds and the buildings, Pete shared ECHO’s mission and history with Craig.

A Farm With a Mission

ECHO began over 30 years ago when Indiana businessman Richard Dugger brought a group of high school students to Haiti. He was stunned by the needs of the Haitian people and awoke to the needs of people living in developing countries. He knew he had to do something to help. 

ECHO Global Farm
Agriculture Interns at ECHO Global Farm in North Fort Myers. Photo from

Under Mr. Dugger’s guidance, ECHO was formed. The goal is to provide training, agricultural assistance, and appropriate technology to people from developing nations so that they may have a more secure future. Agricultural interns oversee ECHO’s Global Village, developing new methods in each of 6 agricultural zones: urban, semi-arid, rainforest, tropical lowlands, tropical highlands, and monsoon. In addition, interns collect and distribute information through ECHO Development Notes. The latest edition went out to over 3500 development workers in 180 different countries. All of us at All U Need Pest Control felt honored to help ECHO succeed.

Pest Control Success

It’s been several months now since we began working with ECHO. “To be honest,” Pete recently said, “I wasn’t expecting much because I thought we had already tried everything. I was wrong. We hadn’t yet tried All U Need. They didn’t just settle for beating the pests back. They set out to beat the pests, period.”

“Every building has improved. Craig and Jen are always there when we need them. They point out problems and potential problems that we might not have noticed. We’ve never experienced this level of success with pest control and we genuinely look forward to seeing that All U Need truck pull up. They’re polite, professional, and fun to have around. We are so glad we called All U Need!”

ECHO Global Farm
ECHO Agricultural Intern David Prin. Photo from

We’re glad they called us, too.  We didn’t realize such an amazing organization existed in Southwest Florida. We’re happy to provide support at their home base so that they can continue to impact the rest of the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about the great work of ECHO in Southwest Florida and around the world, they offer tours, a public nursery, and a gardening bookstore. Visit their website to learn more.

Know of another great local organization that could use All U Need’s help? Contact us today! 


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