Treating Chinch Bugs Cape Coral, Fort Myers

Treating Chinch Bugs Cape Coral, Fort Myers

Chinch Bugs Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee County Update: Are you ready for it? It’s Chinch Bug Season in Southwest Florida! 

chinch bugs cape coralBeware the Lawn Menace

Southwest Florida homeowners take great pride in their lawns. We carefully eek our way through the dry season, watering faithfully to fend off the patches of brown. As soon as rainy season returns, we’re ready to let mother nature take over the watering. If patches of brown have started to appear, we’re sure that with a few good rains, they’ll green right up again.

Except sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, even with the rain, the brown patches grow larger. Who takes pride in a brown lawn?

Southwest Florida Organic Lawn Care

What Causes Brown Lawn Spots?

When a lawn continues to brown during the rainy season, there are 3 common culprits:

  1. Drought Damage
  2. Fungus
  3. Chinch Bugs

Drought Damage: If the brown spots are caused by poor watering during the dry season, the grass should turn green again with the rain. At this point in our 2017 season, if you still have brown patches of grass, it is unlikely that they are caused by drought.

Fungus: Lawn fungus is a killer but, as plant disease expert Dr. Cynthia Westcott noted, “In my experience, gardeners and insects… are more harmful than fungi to the average lawn.” That isn’t to say that brown spots on the lawn couldn’t be caused by fungus. It is far more likely, however, that the brown spots on your lawn are caused by insects or, (gasp), a combination of both.

“In my experience, gardeners and insects are more harmful than fungi to the average lawn.” ~ Dr. Cynthia Westcott, Plant Disease Expert

Chinch Bugs: Chinch bugs attack lawns by sucking the sap out of grass blades. They also inject a substance that seals up the waterways in the blades leading to plant death. As blades of grass die, Chinch Bugs continue to move outward, draining sap and killing grass. Left untreated, a lawn infested with Chinch bugs is destined to die.

Free Lawn Inspection

There are a few ways to check your lawn for chinch bugs. The easiest, most reliable method is to contact a professional pest control expert. At All U Need Pest Control, not only do we offer this service for free, we’ll also throw in a home inspection too! We’ll offer recommendations for pest control that protects your home, your lawn, and the environment with no obligation. 

All Natural, Bio-Based, and Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care

Our special program for lawns is tailored for Southwest Florida’s climate and for the protection of our waterways. If the grass looks greener on the other side of your fence, chances are your neighbor uses All U Need Pest Control for their lawncare needs. 

Have a lawn you can be proud of. Call All U Need today. 

To learn more about chinch bugs, be sure to check out our handy chinch bug guide!

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