Can You Ever Get Rid of German Cockroaches?

Can You Ever Get Rid of German Cockroaches?

German cockroaches are among Southwest Florida’s most detested household pests. They climb all over your counters, get into your food, and, if you ask many pest control companies, are impossible to get rid of. But wait. Is it true or just a myth? What’s the real answer to the question, “Can you ever get rid of German cockroaches”?

can you ever get rid of german cockroaches

Blatella Germanica

Blatella Germanica- the scientific name for the German Cockroach- is one of the most infamous household pests, but even its name contains a myth. These cockroaches didn’t originate in Germany. Most likely they originated in Southeast Asia.

These pests prefer tight spaces and warm climates. Our temperatures in Southwest Florida make our area the perfect spot for these pests to live and breed. 

Why are They so Hard to Get Rid of?

Often times homeowners will spot these nocturnal devils on a trip to the kitchen late at night. Flip on the light switch and you’ll see them scurry across counters and floors, taking cover behind refrigerators or even inside toasters. 

First thing the next morning, the homeowner calls the pest control company. The pest control company confirms the presence of these menaces and lays out a lengthy and expensive treatment plan. Worse, it’s a treatment plan without end! We’ve heard many pest control technicians declare that there is no way to completely eradicate these creatures.

After the first treatment, the homeowner stops seeing the cockroaches until it’s time for the next treatment. Like clockwork, the pests reappear as if summoned from the dead. The pest control company returns and succeeds in pushing the pests back again, at least for a little while. 

But the truth is that the pests you see aren’t just being pushed back. Pest control companies all use sprays and methods powerful enough to kill the German cockroach. The pests you see after the first visit are the next generation of German cockroaches, the ones who were protected from the sprays by their egg casings.

Can You Ever Get Rid of German Cockroaches?

So can you ever get rid of German cockroaches? The answer, fortunately, is yes. You can certainly rid your home of German cockroaches. The trick lies in taking a 2 prong approach when dealing with these pests. 

While all pest control companies have access to the appropriate pesticides, not every company wants to take the time to fully solve the problem, nor reduce their profit by using the 2 prong approach. After all, it benefits them if you believe the pests will never be gone!

Reputable pest control companies like All U Need Pest Control, however, place your family’s health and safety at the top of their priority list. They know that the surest way to satisfy their clients is to be sure you never have to see the buggers again.

Best Practice: Stage 1 and Stage 2

The first step is to eliminate the roaches that are already there. The second step is even more important: apply a pesticide that will penetrate the egg casing, sterilize the unborn roaches, and cause them to be born deformed. These deformed cockroaches usually die off quickly. If they do make it to adulthood, they are unable to reproduce. 

With time and attention to every nook and cranny, German cockroaches can be banished from your home.

Who to Call

Do you think you’ve seen German cockroaches in your home? Have you been told that they’re impossible to get rid of? Call All U Need Pest Control today for a free home inspection. We’ll lay out a plan for your home to rid you of pests now and the future. You do not have to live with German cockroaches. Call today.

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