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The last thing anyone wants to see when getting home after a long day is a lawn full of weeds. Weeds not only ruin the aesthetics of your lawn but rob your turf of the nutrients and water it needs to grow. There are many different types of weeds in Florida, most of which are natives, making them extremely resilient and adaptive to the extreme conditions we face. As a homeowner it can be very frustrating and expensive to treat your lawn with products, only to get poor results. Save yourself time and money by giving the experts at All U Need a call (239)424-8742 and set up a consultation with one of our Lawn Experts.

florida snow flower


You can’t miss these dainty flowers, otherwise known as a troublesome weed driving through any Florida neighborhood. This pesky weed is most active during the cool seasons of the year and will typically begin to bloom after the first cold front of the year, leaving you with a blanket of faint purple flowers across the lawn, which is how the Florida Pusley has earned its nickname, “Florida Snow”. These weeds are prolific bloomers and can be difficult to gain control over unless using the correct products and timing. Give us a call today at (239)424-8742 to schedule a free consultation with one of our All U Need Lawn Experts to learn how we can get rid of the Florida Snow today!



Dollar Weeds are very common in Florida and once they invade your lawn it seems almost impossible to control and get rid of them. The leaves of these aquatic weeds have a similar appearance of lily pads. They spread through the ground via rhizomes, or once the Dollarweed has matured through seeds. The most effective way to rid your lawn of Dollarweeds is a combination of a reduction in watering and application of the correct products If you are seeing signs of Dollarweed invading your lawn, give All U Need a call at (239)424-8742 to schedule a free lawn consultation today!

crab grass


All homeowners know when they see that pesky Crabgrass it’s time to take action. Here in Florida, we see this weed year round due to the fact we don’t have an extreme winter to kill it off. This invasive weed can become a nuisance, will out-compete your lawn, weakening the turf around it through its root toxins. In one season, your grass will be covered in patches of this weed making your entire lawn lose its beauty. If you are having trouble or seeing signs of Crabgrass invading your lawn, give All U Need a call at (239)424-8742 to schedule a free lawn consultation today!



Matchweed is a Florida native mat-forming weed that is extremely resilient to the extremes of the Florida climate. They are easily identifiable by their opposing leaves and purple and white flowers that when viewed from the side resemble a match. Once this resilient perineal establishes in your yard, they can spread by either seed or by fragmenting its stems, making it very difficult to eradicate.

If Matchweed has taken up residence in your lawn, it’s time to call in the pros at All U Need (239)424-8742.

yellow woodsorrel


Appearing very similar to a clover, these weeds thrive in the more shaded areas of your lawn, and will quickly outcompete most turf grasses. As they grow and spread, they eventually will begin to weaken and choke out your lawn. They

At All U Need, we will help rid your lawn of these invasive weeds with the proper products and techniques while educating the homeowner the proper steps they need to take to ensure they stay out of the lawn.

If you are having trouble or seeing signs of Yellow Woodsorrel invading your lawn, give All U Need a call at (239)424-8742 to schedule a free lawn consultation today!

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