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Can You Ever Get Rid of German Cockroaches?

German cockroaches are among Southwest Florida’s most detested household pests. They climb all over your counters, get into your food, and, if you ask many […]

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Southwest Florida Mosquito Guide for Backyards Everywhere!

Southwest Florida Mosquito Guide

It’s rainy season once again in Southwest Florida. While we’re glad to see the drought end, the wet weather means the mosquitoes are back in […]

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Pantry Pest Problems: Is Your Pantry a Pest Maternity Ward?

pantry pest problems

You finally did it. You resolved to solve your pantry pest problems once and for all. Your air tight bins line the shelves beautifully. There’s […]

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Treating Chinch Bugs Cape Coral, Fort Myers

chinch bugs cape coral

Chinch Bugs Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee County Update: Are you ready for it? It’s Chinch Bug Season in Southwest Florida!  Beware the Lawn Menace Southwest […]

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How Common Are Scorpions in Southwest Florida

How Common Are Scorpions in Southwest Florida

Scorpions in Southwest Florida? According to recent news reports, this painful pest is living among us, but just how concerned should you be? How common […]

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ECHO Global Farm Client Spotlight

Arriving at ECHO Global Farm for the initial inspection was an eye-opening experience for Craig Carlson, owner of All U Need Pest Control. ECHO isn’t […]

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Should Landlords Pay for Pest Control?

Should Landlords Pay for Pest Control

Should landlords pay for pest control? It’s tempting to put that responsibility on the tenants. You might even think you’re doing them a favor by […]

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Spiders Could Eat Everyone: New Study Released

Brace yourself: if they organized, spiders could eat everyone on earth in less than 1 year.  Terrifying thought, isn’t it? It gets worse: according to research […]

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Super Cockroach Exposed! The Truth Behind This Pest’s Resistance

We’ve all heard that cockroaches can survive nuclear blasts. That, alone, was enough to earn them the title of Super Cockroach. Over the years, however, […]

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How Smart Are Bees? New Study, New Insight

Roll a ball? Play fetch? Solve quantum physics equations? Just how smart are bees? And if they’re so smart, why do they keep moving into […]

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