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Ant Pest Control Services


Why are Ants in my home or business?

Ants will enter your home or business looking for shelter and a new source of food and water. During hotter months, when infestations are more regular, ants typically enter your home or business in search of moisture. This is one of the reasons ants are regularly found by the dishwasher, showers, kitchen and bathroom sinks, and toilets. As soon as they find a water source, the colony will spread out and search for a nearby food source.

Poor sanitation is the leading cause of ant infestations. Dirty dishes left in the sink, food left on the countertops, spilled food and crumbs on the floor, and not taking out the trash regularly will provide the perfect meal for food hunting ants. With just a few foragers entering your home can expand into a huge problem if the ants decide to establish colonies in your walls, lawn or even the foundation of your home or business.

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Southwest Florida Ant Inspections

Your Southwest Florida Ant Control Services begin with a visit from a highly trained, experienced and licensed technician that will provide you with a full inspection of your residence or business to identify your ant problem as well as the severity of it. While performing your ant control inspection, your pest control technician will identify problem areas, areas ants can enter, moisture and water sources, as well as food sources. As soon as these are identified, your pest tech will create a customized ant control treatment plan to not just eliminate the infestation, but further ensure they never return.

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Southwest Florida Ant Control Treatments

Eliminating the current ant colonies is just the beginning, we help prevent future unwanted ant infestations! We treat very specific areas to take out the source of the infestation. The majority of ant colonies originates outside as they work their way inside your home or business. Our skilled technicians will point out potential problem areas of your property as well as recommendations that will help aid in gaining back control.

We put special attention on the perimeter for your home or business. As soon as the interior control is achieved, future services will only need to be performed on the exterior quarterly. After the initial treatment, allow for 7-10 days for the treatment to be effective.

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Ant FAQ’s

Why do some ants have wings?

Winged ants are called swarmers. They are ants that developed wings. Winged swarmers are the reproductive ants that serve as emissaries from a healthy, well-established colony. The appearance of flying ants usually indicates the beginning of the ant mating season. The flying ants are looking to mate and expand their numbers. If there is a colony nearby, you will likely see flying ants.

Why do I suddenly have an ant infestation?

The most likely cause of a sudden ant infestation is a food source somewhere in your house. Most ants are opportunistic feeders and will eat just about anything. Ants are attracted to a wide variety of food sources that you might have available including sugar, pet food, breadcrumbs, etc.

Why do ants trail?

Ants rely on the scents left by their precursors to guide the workers from the colony to any available food and water sources in your home. The trail is made of pheromones- natural chemicals that the ants deposit along the route, almost like a trail of breadcrumbs.

South Florida Ant Control Guarantee

All U Need Pest Control, Inc. guarantees your complete 100% satisfaction in eliminating and preventing Southwest Florida Ants. If there is any issue with your service, whether inside or out, we will come back and re-service your home or business at absolutely no cost to you. Period.

The most important investment is that of your family’s safety from unwanted ant infestations. Your home or business and environment are a vital part of this protection. With our highly trained and experienced staff of Certified Pest Control Operators, All U Need Pest Control provides a secure and safe feeling from Southwest Florida Ants.

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