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Just because you can’t see them…doesn’t mean pests aren’t there!

Pest control gives you protection and peace of mind.

One of the best things you can do for your peace of mind is to call All “U” Need Pest Control and schedule a consultation. Even if you are not seeing evidence of them, we can assure you, pests are there! Implementing a customized pest control program for your home and lawn is your best protection from insect-borne diseases such as E. Coli and Salmonella; painful insect bites such as those from fire ants and dangerous ones from Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders; and allergic and asthmatic reactions. Before creating your customized pest control program, our technician will thoroughly inspect your home, lawn, or business. With such a wide variety and a multitude of different species of pests here in Florida, it’s important to know exactly what the issue is and how to approach it.

All U Need Pest Control Technician Interacting with Client All 'U' Need Pest Control Technician Treating Property

We tailor your pest control program…

And alter it as needed.

Several factors impact a pest infestation. Many of those factors are specific to your home, such as:


Type and placement of shrubbery around your home


Amount, type, and placement of mulch around your home

water pipe

Location and condition of water pipes carrying water into your home


Location of your homesite relevant to water, other buildings, etc.

We take all these factors, and more, into consideration

as we craft a customized pest control program that fits your home, lifestyle,
and budget. We adjust as needed depending on factors like:

pest activity icon

Pest activity:

has it increased or
decreased lately?

environmental icon

Environmental Circumstances:

are we experiencing unusual rainfall?

pets icon

Lifestyle changes:

did you recently acquire a pet?

All 'U' Need Pest Control Technician Spraying

Take aim against pests with our targeted approach to pest control

It’s a sad fact that many pest control companies use the “spray and pray” approach, applying a chemical and hoping it does the trick. Our experts use a targeted approach, applying the appropriate product in the most inconspicuous places as indicated by your customized pest control program.

Yes, our technicians are licensed, insured, and certified. But beyond that, they are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about pest control. Your 100% satisfaction is what satisfies them. To achieve that, they study your situation and develop a specific plan to apply the most effective family- and pet-friendly products in the most strategic places to secure the best results.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our pest control process guarantees our results

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, too!

We’ve spent quite a few words talking about our customized pest control programs. Now we’re about to tell you we approach each program with the same 3 steps! The difference is important! As we have rapidly grown from a 4-person company serving a single metropolitan area to a company 20 times that size serving customers statewide, we have developed a 3-step approach to each customer’s unique situation that guarantees results you will be 100% satisfied with. If, for any reason you are not, we will re-service your home at absolutely no cost to you. Guaranteed.

  1. Inspection/Consultation
    • Treat around windows, doors and entry points
  2. Interior Flush Out
    • Granular around perimeter
    • Sweep and treat soffits to remove spiders and wasps’ nest
  3. Exterior Flush Out
    • Treat around windows, doors and entry points
    • Crack and crevice treatment
    • Granular around perimeter
    • Sweep and treat soffits to remove spiders and wasps’ nest
    • Sweep and treat lanai and outdoor covered areas

If you’ve got pests,
we’ve got solutions.

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