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Cape Coral Waterfront Property

The Challenge of Cape Coral Pest Control

With its 400 miles of canals, both riverfront and bayfront shorelines, and man-made lakes, Cape Coral is indeed a “Waterfront Wonderland.” Which makes pest control in Cape Coral a unique market requiring experienced, knowledgeable technicians specializing in Cape Coral pest control. While not every Cape Coral homesite is waterfront, most are situated within a mile or two of a water source. This proximity to abundant water sources is a breeding ground for rodents, termites, and other moisture-loving pests.

Cape Coral’s tropical climate also poses challenges — the bugs just never give it a rest! It never gets cold enough in Florida to initiate “diapause” — the natural dormant condition when insects suspend all activity. So, Cape Coral pest control is a year-round job.

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Keep Outdoor Pests Outdoors with Cape Coral Pest Control

Fleas, ticks, and ants can all find their way into your Cape Coral home or business, traveling on your skin or clothing on the fur of your pets. Stop them where they live with pest control for your Cape Coral lawn. Our lawn pest control programs also target grass-eating insects that can decimate your lovely yard in a very short time. Act now with lawn pest control for your Cape Coral home of business.

We Guarantee our Cape Coral Pest Control Programs

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Using our targeted approach to Cape Coral pest control and employing our 3-part process to craft a customized pest control program for your Cape Coral home or business, we produce results. We guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your Cape Coral pest control program or we will re-service your home or business at no cost to you. We can say with confidence that we are the best Cape Coral pest control company. Learn about what makes us different.

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