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Pest control with a personal touch.

Our superior pest control customer service starts with you.

We’re excited with every growth milestone we reach; with every new service location we bring online. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be in business long!

In fact, we have been recognized as a Fortune 5000 company by Inc. Magazine.

But we continue to grow the way we started — by bringing family- and pet-friendly pest control services to you and your neighbors. One-third of our employee force is tasked with community representation — sharing trustworthy information about controlling pests in your Florida home. Most of our business (over 50%) comes from personal referrals. Our family-owned company has been doing business this way since 2003. We continue to do business this way because, frankly, it works!

America's Fastest Growing Private Companies (Inc. 5000)
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We make bold pest control customer service promises.
And keep them.

We tell you what we’re going to do.
Then we do it. Then we tell you we did it.

Have you watched our promotional videos? We make some bold promises in them. One, that we will answer the phone within 30 seconds, because nobody likes to get lost in endless automatic phone menus or endure elevator music when what they really want is answers. Two, that we will be at your door within 48-hours, because the sooner we get to work on your pest problem, the sooner you will be satisfied with your pest control program.

The day before your service appointment, you will receive a call, text message, or email letting you know when your pest control specialist will arrive. Your appointment window will be a very manageable 2-hours (we’re not the cable guys!). After each service appointment, you will receive a written report, transmitted electronically, that details everything our technician did during that visit. It will include a photo of the specialist who treated your home, a record of the time he arrived and left, and a description of the products he used.

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Florida bugs are different.

So, you need a different kind of pest control company.

Bugs enjoy the same warm, subtropical climate that you do! Many people who have moved here from “up north” do not realize that Florida’s climate does not get cold enough, for a long enough period, to initiate diapause — the dormant condition during which the growth, development, and activity of insects are suspended. Florida bugs remain active year-round, so we must remain vigilant year-round, focusing on prevention. Pests will build up a resistance to treatment products, therefore we strip our trucks every three months to rotate products seasonally. For more fascinating facts, visit our Pest Library.

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If you’ve got pests,
we’ve got solutions.

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