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Ghost Ant Pest Control Services

ghost ants

Why do I have Ghost Ants?

Ghost ants are incredibly small and can easily be overlooked. They will enter your home through incredibly small openings around your doors and windows, as well as cracks in the foundation of your home or business. They can even be brought in on your clothing or plants.

Once they have entered, they like to feed on sugar rich foods such as cereal, cookies or syrup; this is how they obtained the nickname Sugar Ants. This is why they are typically found in kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as sinks. They can be challenging to exterminate; therefore, common DIY solutions do not work.

ghost ants

Locating Ghost Ants in Southwest Florida

Ghost ants are a major pest throughout Florida. Finding and removing ghost ant colonies can be very challenging as there can be a multitude of different nests in random and odd locations. New queens can leave their original nest and create a separate, brand new colony.

Their tiny size enables them to very easily hide and go unnoticed for some time. They can be found in the smallest of areas; from cabinets to plants to the voids in your walls. This is why it is important to have a trained and highly experienced pest control company tracking them down and creating a customized treatment plan to eliminate and prevent future colonies.

ghost ants

Ghost Ant Facts Southwest Florida

  • They are incredibly small, often only 1/16th of an inch (1.3-1.5mm) in length.
  • Often nest in areas of higher moisture.
  • Related to the odorous house ant.
  • When crushed, ghost ants give off a “coconut-like” odor.
  • Ghost ants cannot sting you as they do not have a stinger.
  • A single Ghost Ant colony can have thousands of ants.

Our Ghost Ant Control Guarantee in Southwest Florida

All U Need Pest Control, Inc. guarantees your complete satisfaction in eliminating Southwest Florida Ghost Ants. If there is a problem with any part of your service, both inside and out, we will come back out and re-service your home at no cost to you.

Your most important investment is your family’s protection from unwanted pests. Your home and environment are a vital part of this protection. With our experienced and highly trained staff of Certified Pest Control Operators, All U Need Pest Control provides a safe and secure feeling from Southwest Florida Ghost Ants.

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