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9 Tips for Choosing the Right Local Pest Control Company in Florida


According to the BLS, Florida has the second-highest number of pest control workers in the country. Over 9,000 workers offer services throughout the state. Given that pests love the humid and warm climate here, this should come as no surprise!

Of course, if you’re trying to choose a local pest control company, the high number of technicians and services can be overwhelming. How do you find a reputable brand? How can you tell you’ve picked a company you can trust?

Let’s take a look at a few key things to search for when narrowing down your options.

1. A Great Reputation

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a friend or family member refer you to their pest control company, the best place to start is with companies that have a good reputation in your area. You’re looking for pest control services that locals trust with their homes and businesses. The companies should specialize in the types of pests that wreak havoc where you live.

Often, all you’ll need to do is a quick online search to pull up a list of local pest removal experts with a good reputation. From there, move on to the next steps.

2. The Right Documents

Never trust a company without the right paperwork to back up their claims!

Your chosen pest control company should be licensed to work in the state of Florida. This ensures that they’re using approved chemicals and techniques to keep your home protected.

In addition, you’ll want to find a company that has liability insurance. This protects you if any of the technicians suffer an injury on your property. 

3. Excellent Reviews

When you’ve discovered pests in your home or business, you might feel pressed for time during your search. However, there’s one step you should never skip: checking online reviews and testimonials.

Before you hire a pest control service, look for signs that past customers had a good experience with the company. Check for signs of professionalism, politeness, timeliness, and efficacy. 

While it’s helpful to read the reviews that many companies post right on their site, you should also check out reviews on third-party websites. Google, Yelp, Facebook, and similar sites may offer more unbiased takes on a company’s practices.

4. The Latest Technology

Pest control might not seem like a field with constant advancements, but we’re getting new products and techniques all the time. As researchers learn more and more about the biology of the pests we treat, people come up with newer and better ways to remove these creatures.

No matter which company you choose, it’s important that they’re using the latest technology around your property. This not only ensures that the treatments are safe, but it also makes those treatments more effective. 

When our team tackles termites, for example, we use the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology. This new and revolutionary bait system is the best, most modern way to get continual home protection.

5. Detailed Process

If a pest control service doesn’t seem to have a formal process, or if they dodge questions about it, it’s time to run! The experts you trust should be able to tell you exactly what they plan to do and why. All of their services and processes should be transparent.

With our process, for example, you should expect an initial consultation. During this time, a technician should ask questions and inspect your home. Depending on your needs, you’ll then get an interior and/or exterior flush-out. 

Though many of our property visits follow a “standard” process for simple infestations, we’ll also customize your pest control services as needed to offer superior results. We’re always happy to discuss any customizations with you.

6. Service Packages

Pest control services aren’t a one-and-done procedure. You’ll need to invest in them again and again. That’s why the best companies offer a range of service packages.

Service packages ensure that you know the company will return to protect your home during peak pest seasons, even if you forget that your last pest control treatment has faded. This can give you peace of mind if you’re worried about pests returning in years to come!

7. Safe Products

Many home and business owners worry about the types of pesticides experts will use on their property. Fortunately, modern pest control options include many safe products you can opt for. Consider choosing a company that offers these products.

Safe pest control techniques ensure that your property is safe for kids and pets. They’re also better for the environment, meaning you won’t have to worry about releasing harmful chemicals on your property. Most technicians will also follow the EPA’s guidelines on Integrated Pest Management.

8. Satisfaction Guarantee

Pest removal can be tricky, and leaving even a few pests alive can mean that an infestation springs back in no time. 

That’s why reputable pest control companies offer a satisfaction guarantee. This ensures that you get what you paid for or your money back. 

Here at All U Need Pest Control, our guarantee states, “If They’re Not Dead, We’re Not Done!” We will return and re-treat the issue as many times as is needed to resolve the problem. 

9. Fast Service

No one wants to wait around for a pest control expert when insects or rodents are scurrying around. Finding a responsive pest control service can be crucial when time is of the essence!

Here at All U Need Pest Control, we’re proud of how prompt our services are. We always answer the phone within 30 seconds, and we’ll have a technician on your property within 48 hours.

Soon afterward, you’ll also get a written report delivered by email. This will include all of the details of the appointment, including the products used and the time the specialist arrived and left, for your own records.  

Trust Our Local Pest Control Company

Finding a top-notch pest control company can feel easier said than done. As you narrow down your options, it’s crucial to find a brand that uses the right methods, offers the best service, and does what it promises.

That’s where we come in! As Florida’s trusted local pest control company, All U Need Pest Control is here to offer fast, professional services for your home or business. To learn how we can help, get in touch with us for a consultation today.

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