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Local, Experienced Pest Control in Pelican Bay, FL

Your Local Experts in Pest Control in Pelican Bay, FL.

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Discover Skilled Pest Control Technicians in Pelican Bay

Discover the most skilled pest control technicians that Pelican Bay has to offer. Our technicians are more than familiar with the local landscape and have the expertise to craft personalized home pest control programs. Our products are eco-friendly, safe for families and pets, and deadly for rodents and pests alike. We’ll guarantee that your home is free of any uninvited guests.

Dealing with invasive vermin on your business property? We also specialize in commercial pest control. Take back your home or business space and contact us today.

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Identifying Potential Pest Problems On Your Property

The best way to stop a potential pest issue in its tracks is to recognize the common signs of one. Here are some hints that you might be dealing with a pesky pest dilemma:

Pest Droppings

If you notice pest droppings in your home or business, chances are you’re dealing with a major pest infestation. One way you can identify the type of pest you’re dealing with is to research images of different pest droppings.


Pests like rats and mice create nests out of materials like shredded paper, cardboard, and cloth. They also tend to nest in dark or lesser-used areas. Take a flashlight and search the tight spots of your property, like behind and under appliances, or in cabinets, for signs of nesting.

Odd Sounds and Smells

Common sounds that pests give off include screeching, hissing, chirping, and shrieking. Smells are another glaring indicator, with mice being notorious for smelling like urine and rats, like ammonia.

Small Holes and Gnaw Marks

If you notice gnaw marks or chewed-up wiring, chances are you’re dealing with a potential pest. Namely, rats love gnawing on anything they can find. Burrows and tiny holes on the property, such as in the walls and floor, also point to a possible pest infestation.

Grease and Dirt Buildup

Pests stick to the same pathways when coming and going, leaving traces in their wake. Urine trails, footprints in dusty areas, and pest droppings are all signs of an infestation.

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Our Extensive Pest Control Process

First Inspection

Our technicians launch the process with a thorough evaluation of the property. They’ll find any pest issues and recommend the most effective solutions.

Interior and Exterior Flush Out

Our technicians will begin the extermination process. This involves treating essential areas, closing up entry points, and conducting full sweeps of existing nests, ensuring a pest-free environment.

Final Inspection

The process ends with a final inspection. Our technicians conduct a conclusive evaluation of the property to ensure the job is done right.

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Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with unwanted guests, especially if they’re pests. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring that you’re satisfied with the results of our pest control program. Should you not be satisfied, we’ll return and re-service your business or home at no extra cost.

We’re a pest control company dead-set on delivering results. Discover what sets us apart and experience a level of dedication and quality.

Get Effective Pest Control Services in Pelican Bay

Eliminate those pestilent pests today. Contact us for expert pest control in Pelican Bay, FL, and reinforce your home or business today.

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