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American Cockroach Pest Control Services

American Cockroach American Cockroach

Why do I have American Cockroaches?

American Cockroaches typically live outside of your home. They prefer damp and warm areas such as under mulch or in flowerbeds. In many parts of Florida, they are often referred to as Palmetto Bugs. They received this colloquial nickname because they often live on trees. They are also very commonly found living in sewer systems across the country.

They will enter your home in search of food and water. They can fit in small opening such as under doors and windows in which the weather stripping is missing or damaged. Once they enter your home they often go to bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, following the moisture. They forage for food under appliances, drains, cabinets and floors, looking for scraps of food or crumbs as well as pet food.

American Cockroach

Locating American Cockroaches in Southwest Florida

The easiest way to identify to issue is by physically seeing the American Cockroach, however this is hard to do as they love to hide and typically only come out at night. There are other signs that can point to an American Cockroach infestation.

The first is the sign of their droppings. American Cockroaches like to leave their droppings in the dark areas in which they hide (pantries, behind/under appliances, etc..). Their droppings are small and often mistaken for mouse droppings.

The second sign are their egg capsules. They are roughly 1″ inches long and are a dark red to blackish brown. They can be found in the same areas that a cockroach would be found hiding.

The last sign that American Cockroaches have moved in, is their odor. They produce a chemical called aggregation pheromone. As the name implies, the odor of this chemical causes the roaches to stay together in groups. As the population grows, you may start to notice a musty smell.


American Cockroach facts Southwest Florida

  • Unlike the half inch German Cockroach, the American Cockroach can grow up to 3 inches.
  • The average egg capsule contains approximately 15-16 eggs.
  • Under ideal conditions, they can develop from egg to adult in 5 months.
  • They can spread diseases, contaminate food and trigger allergies and asthma.
  • They can live without food for over a month.

Our American Cockroach control guarantee in Southwest Florida

All U Need Pest Control, Inc. guarantees your complete satisfaction in eliminating Southwest Florida American Cockroaches. If there is a problem with any part of your service, both inside and out, we will come back out and re-service your home at no cost to you. No questions asked.

Your most important investment is your family’s protection from unwanted pests. Your home and environment are a vital part of this protection. With our experienced and highly trained staff of Certified Pest Control Operators, All U Need Pest Control provides a safe and secure feeling from Southwest Florida American Cockroaches.

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