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Black Widow Pest Control Services

Black widow spider Black widow spider

Why do I have Black Widow Spiders?

Keeping your yard/property in good condition is not only a great way to help with pest prevention, but for Black Widow Spiders as well. Homes that attract and already have a pest problem have a better potential to develop a black widow issue. These spiders love to eat ants, flies, spiders, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, beetles, caterpillars and more. So, when your home has a pest problem, you are effectively providing black widow spiders a free buffet.

Like other spiders, they can enter your home through the smallest of openings surrounding windows and doors, even cracks in the walls, foundation and ceiling. Colder weather and dry weather also drive spiders inside your home, which is why you may notice a seasonal increase in black widow spider Activity.

black widow spider

Locating Black Widow Spiders in Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida Black Widow Spiders favor dark, private/secluded areas such as crevices and woodpiles when outdoors. When inside your home, Black Widow Spiders will hide in sheltered, dark locations such as basements, closets, dark corners, and garages to name a few.

Southwest Florida black widows produce an irregular, messy web with no pattern. These webs are normally around ground level but can also be located under objects such as furniture. An unmistakable feature of the Black Widow Spider is also its famous and tell-tale red hourglass marking.

black widow spider

Black Widow Spider Facts Southwest Florida

  • On a per-weight basis, Black Widow Spider silk is up to 5 times stronger than steel.
  • The female Black Widow will often eat the male after mating.
  • Their venom is far more potent than that of a rattlesnake, just less is injected.
  • Most people actually survive the bite of a Black Widow.
  • They can live up to three years.

Our Black Widow Spider Control Guarantee in Southwest Florida

All U Need Pest Control, Inc. guarantees your complete satisfaction in eliminating Southwest Florida Black Widow Spiders. If there is a problem with any part of your service, both inside and out, we will come back out and re-service your home at no cost to you. No questions asked. We are committed to our guarantee!

Your most important investment is your family’s protection from unwanted Black Widow Spiders. Your home and environment are a vital part of this protection. With our experienced and highly trained staff of Certified Pest Control Operators, All U Need Pest Control provides a safe and secure feeling from Southwest Florida Black Widow Spiders.

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