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Subterranean Termite Pest Control Services

subterranean termites sentricon bait

To get rid of Termites you need a bait they love more than wood

Termites are the most destructive pest in the country and cause almost $5 billion in damage every year to homes in the United States. After termites have moved in it may cost thousands of dollars to eliminate the colony and repair the damages. Termites work around the clock (they never sleep), and a single queen can lay up to 4 eggs per minute, so once a colony has established in your home, structural damage could happen quickly.

In side-by-side tests where termites could choose between wood and the new revolutionary bait, termites actually preferred the bait 14 times more than wood! And better yet, termites like the bait even more as it ages, cracks and gets moldy.

The bait, a part of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology, protects homes when it is placed inside Sentricon System stations placed around the perimeter of the home. Termites discover the bait, feed on it and then deliver its slow-acting chemistry to the termite colony. The active ingredient in the bait, noviflumuron, disrupts termite molting, thereby eliminating the entire termite colony.

Sentricon System stations are
serviced once or more per year

Any bait device that is more than one-third
consumed is replaced with a new one.

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Termite FAQ’s

What are the most common signs of termites?

Termites- dead or alive, mud tubes, and hollow wood.

How much damage can termites really do?

Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damages and repair costs annually.

How do I tell the difference between a winged ant and a swarming termite?

Termite swarmers have broad waists and two pairs of wings that are equal in length and shape. Ant swarmers have pinched waists and two pairs of wings that are different in length and shape with the front pair of wings being larger. If you still aren’t positive, collect a few and call us today to have them identified!

Routine termite control attempts a blocking method

Applying up to hundreds of gallons of insecticide into the soil to create a barrier around the home to either repel or kill termites as they try to get to the wood in the home. The better way to protect a home is to simply eliminate the termite problem altogether by using a baiting system. Used by a trained Certified Sentricon Specialist®, the Sentricon System enlists the foraging “worker” termites to carry bait material back to the termite colony as food for their nestmates, which then eliminates the entire colony, including the termite queen, who can produce millions of termites over her life span. A series of Sentricon System stations, usually placed about 10 feet apart, contain enough bait to control multiple termite colonies.

Sentricon System stations are serviced once or more per year, and any bait device that is more than one-third consumed is replaced with a new one.

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