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Rodent Control in Southwest Florida


Rodent Control in Southwest Florida

When rodents move in and take residents in your home or business here in Southwest Florida, it can be a very unsettling experience to say the least. Rodents have the ability to breed very quickly, this is why time is of the essence when it comes to controlling a rodent infestation.

Rodents usually bring in other pests into your home or business such as fleas, cockroaches, and mites. They also can bring in nasty diseases as well as parasites. All “U” Need Pest Control in Southwest Florida will rid your home or business of rodents beginning with an initial inspection, to sealing off any entry points, to removing the rodents themselves.



Whether you are a homeowner or a local business owner, most don’t often actually see the rodents as they are masters in the art of hiding and avoiding potential danger. It certainly doesn’t help that they are mostly active at night when you are tucked away in your bed, or your business is closed. While they may be challenging to physically see, there are a few “tell-tale” signs that point to rodents having moved in.

Chew Markings. You will notice chew/gnaw marks on wood, cardboard boxes, food containers, electrical cables, and so on.

Grease Stains. Rodents take pathways (think of it as a rodent highway) that they normally stick to. These are typically along walls or beams. The more they stick to these rodent highways the more oil and grease is transferred from their fur to the surfaces they brush up against.

Scampering. While rodents are fantastic at hiding, they don’t realize how load they are being. Often times they can easily be heard running through walls or across ceilings.

Droppings As pleasant as this sounds, all rodents leave behind droppings. These can be easily found along commonly traveled rodent highways.

Our trained and highly experienced Rodent Control Technicians here in Southwest Florida will inspect from the most common of hiding/nesting areas to the smallest of hiding spots!

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Once our Rodent Control Technician has determined that rodents are present in your home or business, they take immediate action. With countless years of experience, we know a combination of treatments will get the job done.

Closing All Inclusions. Rodents are Tiny! This means they can fit through surprisingly small cracks and holes. This is why the first thing we do is to seal up any openings so they can’t find a way in.

Traps. From here we start to remove the rodents from the property. We carefully monitor over a period of time how many, where, and for how long it took to trap them in order to determine the population size and if the infestation is gone.

Prevention. From our famous rainy season to our cooler months, rodents will continuously seek shelter. This is why we offer post-treatment monitoring to ensure they don’t take residence in your property again.

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In short, rodent populations can explode rapidly, and this can cause your home or business to experience severe problems. When rodents move in, they can bring the added danger of:

Parasites. Parasites can cause the spread of diseases, even through indirect contact. These diseases can be harmful to humans, especially in younger children.

Viruses. Dangerous and even fatal viruses can be spread through rodent urine, droppings, and even dust particles that contain droppings.

Other Pathogens. Hair that rodents shed can spread other dangerous pathogens by entering your A/C system of your home or business, or even contact with furniture.

We have been locally owned and operated since 2003, so we know how vital it is to keep your family or customers safe; and we know how to do it right the first time! When an All “U” Need Rodent Control Technician arrives to your home or business in Southwest Florida, you can trust that they have a vast amount of experience and will get the job done with the highest level of customer service that will exceed your highest expectations. Give us a call today to get rid of your rodents at (239)424-8742 or our Sarasota location at (941)256-7370.

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