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Sharing Your Bed With Bed Bugs in Southwest Florida



Picture this – you had a very long day at work, and even a longer week. You’re exhausted and have been looking forward to crawling into your comfy and cozy bed and get a good night’s sleep, but what if something already crawled in and is making themselves comfortable without your permission? I’m not talking about the family pet or a significant other, I’m talking about Bed Bugs! Having Bed Bugs invade your home and bed can be a real nightmare!

So, what exactly are bed bugs? Chances are you have heard about these pesky pests before, maybe even when going to bed you are told “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” They are a parasite that is commonly found in the sleeping areas (thus the “bed”) of homes and hotels in Southwest Florida. They feed off you at night and live in your bed during the day. Unfortunately, these little pests can be very challenging to get rid of, but not if we’re on your side!

Bed bugs are a small, brownish colored parasitic insect that feeds off the blood of humans and animals when they sleep. Their bodies are very flat and almost resemble a little beetle but can be a large as an apple seed. When they feed their bodies swell up with blood. While they need to feed regularly, they can survive months without food, making them very resilient.

bed bugs

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Bed bugs can go unnoticed for a considerable amount of time due to being so small and blending in. They also have an uncanny instinct to hide from potential threats and hide in the smallest of nooks and crannies in both your mattress as well as other items of furniture. While they are hard to see, there are a few tell-tale signs that they have moved into your Southwest Florida home.

Skin Bites. It’s just a fact of life. Bed bugs will and do feed off you. This means they will leave red and itchy bumps of your skin from where they bit you.

Blood Stains. As these parasitic pests feed off you at night, they will undoubtedly leave some blood behind. Depending on the color of your sheets and pillows you can see little specs of dried blood.

Dark Spots. It doesn’t stop there! You will also start to notice dark spots on your bed. After they feed off your blood they will eventually leave behind excrement. Yes, they will leave their droppings behind.

Eggs & Skins. While bed bugs ARE small, you may start to notice clusters of tiny white dots, these are their eggs. You may also notice discarded skins from the bugs shedding.

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If you notice any of these, you should call us right away at at (239)424-8742 or our Sarasota location at (941)256-7370 and we will send out a bed bug technician.


We go after bed bug infestations in Southwest Florida differently, and for a very good reason! Most of your pest control companies implement fumigation, vacuum treatments, steam cleaning, extreme heat treatments, and so on. While these may have the appearance of being successful, it only takes a single bug to start a whole new colony all over again, putting you squarely back at square one. Therefore, we proudly employ a revolutionary biopesticide here throughout Southwest Florida.

When a bed bug comes in contact with a surface we have treated, the fungal spores stick to it and are inadvertently taken back to their colony. These spores will easily transfer bug to bug by direct contact by targeting their harborage. After 24 hours the spores will begin to germinate like seeds. The sprouted spores then penetrate the body of the bed bug. Once it’s inside it grows throughout their blood stream killing them in just 3 to 7 days.

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Our effective treatments eradicate the existing bed bug infestations. Unlike traditional chemicals, our special biopesticide requires only one application to provide long-term protection and control with very minimal preparation or disruption to homeowners. Here are some key advantages:

One time application with long lasting effects.

Minimal preparation by the homeowners.

Visible results in days, not weeks.

Kills both nymphs as well as adults.

It’s safe! The biopesticide is non-toxic so it will be both pet and child safe.

Registered with the EPA

bed bugs

If you’re tired of sharing your bed with these little nightmares, give us a call today! We will send out one of our experienced and certified bed bug pest control technician. Call now at (239)424-8742 or our Sarasota location at (941)256-7370.

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