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Ant Control in Southwest Florida



There is roughly 7.2 billion people in this world. No matter how you look at it, that is not a small number by any means. How about ants? How many ants do you think are on earth? While the exact number will never be truly known, estimates vary between 100 trillion (that is with a “T”) and 10,000 trillion ants! Even on the low end, that’s a hefty number of ants.

To help grapple this number, let’s take 7.2 billion and make that 7.2 billion seconds. How many hours do you think that is? It’s not just seconds as it is nearly 228 years. Now let’s take the low end of 100 trillion, how many seconds do you think that is? That number is a staggering 3.17 MILLION years. This gives you a perspective on the size of the battle we are facing.

ant control

Ant control here in Southwest Florida is and will always be a persistent and ongoing issue with a population that large. Lucky for you, you have All “U” Need Pest Control on your side here in Southwest Florida!


Don’t let their size fool you, ants are clever! Ants will enter your home or business here in Southwest Florida in search of three things: food, water, and shelter. During our hotter summer months, when infestations are more common, ants can be found around the dishwasher, showers, kitchen & bathroom sinks, and toilets. They can also be found out in your lanai as well as around your home or business outside. As soon as an ant colony finds a water source, they will spread out in search of a nearby food source. Often, poor sanitation is the leading cause of an ant infestation. Dirty dishes in the sink, food on countertops, spilled foods like crumbs are left on the floor, and not taking out the trash regularly provide the perfect meal for food hunting ants. Even perfectly clean homes can have hidden food sources we don’t see.

ant control

With just a few foragers entering your home, that number can expand into a HUGE problem if the ants decide to establish a colony in your walls, lawn and even the foundation. Call us today and discover the All “U” Need Pest Control Difference at (239)424-8742 or our Sarasota location at (941)256-7370.


Your ant control service in Southwest Florida starts off with a friendly visit from one of our highly experienced, trained and licensed ant control technicians. They will provide you with a full inspection of your home or business here in southwest Florida in order to identify your ant infestation as well as the severity of it.

While performing your ant control inspection, your pest control technician will identify any problem areas, openings in which ants can enter, water sources, as well as probable food sources. Once identified, your pest control technician will create a unique and customized ant control treatment plan to not only eliminate the infestation, but to ensure they don’t return.

ant control


Eliminating the ant infestation at hand is only the beginning. We prevent future unwanted and unwelcome infestations from taking hold of your property and starting a new colony. We treat specific areas to take out the heart of the infestation. Nearly all ant colonies originate from outside as they work their way inside by either small cracks and openings or by inadvertently bringing them in with an item they are attached to. Our highly skilled technicians will point out potential problem areas of your property as well as recommendations that will help you to keep them out.

ant control

We put extra attention on the outside perimeter of your home or business. This is because once we achieved complete interior control, all future services will only need to be performed on a quarterly bases to KEEP them out! As a rule of thumb, with our professional ant control treatments, please allow for up to 10 days for the treatment to be fully effective.


Ghost Ants

Florida Ghost (Sugar) Ants


Bigheaded Ants

Florida Bigheaded Ants


Fire Ants

Florida Fire Ants



All “U” Need Pest Control, Inc. guarantees you a full 100% satisfaction in both eliminating ants as well as preventing further ant infestations here in Southwest Florida. If there is any issue with any part of your ant control service, we will come back to reservice you at absolutely zero cost to you. We stand by our work. One of the most important investments you can have is the safety and protection of your family from unwanted ant infestations. Your home or business’s environment is a vital part of this protection. With our highly experienced and trained staff of Ant Control experts, All “U” Need Pest Control provides a safe and secure environment.

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