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Cockroach Tips in Southwest Florida



Cockroaches are here and they are here to stay. They are possibly one of the most resilient insects as they have evolved for over 300 million. To give you an example of how long that is, the last dinosaur walked the earth only 65 million years ago and roamed the earth 165 million years before that. This means that this unassuming pest has been around longer than the dinosaurs!

This means that over the millenniums, they have had nothing but time to adapt and evolve with their surroundings. This inevitably means that they have become incredibly resilient over the years. While they seam to be an unstoppable force, there are a few things you can do to help prevent both German and American Cockroaches from moving in and calling your home theirs.

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While cockroaches are very hardy insects that survive in all kinds of conditions and are incredibly resourceful, we have a few easy tips you can follow to help prevent them from moving in.

The most effective prevention is to deny them food, water, and shelter. These are the basic factors that will attract them to your home or business here in Southwest Florida. As your top-rated pest control company here in Southwest Florida, All “U” Need Pest Control knows exactly what cockroaches are looking for and how to help prevent them!


Food Sources. Cockroaches are nothing more than scavengers. Just like you and I, cockroaches’ diets consist of carbs, proteins, and sugars (but they will pretty much eat anything to get nutrients). First, start by removing liquids. Cockroaches can go for over a week without water so long as the moisture in their food is high enough, but like any other living creature they will eventually need water. Remove standing water from sinks and showers to avoid thirsty cockroaches.

After that, it’s a good idea to remove any food remains as well as storing food properly. Clean up any food left on tables and counter tops. Cockroaches aren’t as big as us so they only need small amounts of food to survive, even crumbs can be a favorable meal.

Cockroaches have a fantastic sense of smell, and the smell of food can bring them into your home or business here in Southwest Florida. With not only removing remaining scraps of food but storing food in airtight containers that they can’t smell or chew through will also greatly hinder cockroaches from entering.

Another great way of eliminating food sources is to empty your garbage regularly. Trash cans (in the kitchen or bathroom) allow cockroaches to have access to a vast array of different foods. This is very important for businesses that handle food, such as bars and restaurants. Think of it as an “all you can eat” dream buffet for roaches!


Cleaning. As with nearly all pest infestations, one of the most effective and easiest ways to reduce the possibility of cockroaches is to maintain a clean environment, ESPECIALLY for kitchens and food storage areas. Cockroaches are typically active at night when you are sound asleep. So, it’s a good idea to put away food, drinks, clean dishes, and even remove pet food before you tuck into bed and turn the lights off.

Remember, if you leave food out, there is a chance that cockroaches can contaminate it with diseases without you even knowing. So play it safe and keep the kitchen clean!

Clutter. Cockroaches LOVE to hide, in fact they spend most of their life hiding. They also leave behind a nice present, their droppings. Their droppings are unique as they actually have a pheromone in them that alerts other unwanted cockroaches that they found a safe place to call home. So declutter and don’t give them a place to hide!

Ongoing Maintenance. Regular and ongoing maintenance of your home or business in Southwest Florida will prevent cockroaches from gaining access as well as find hiding spots. Cockroaches NEED moisture and a water source, as so, they can be found around drains and popes. Repairing damaged or blocked pipes can easily deny cockroaches access to the vital water that they need.

Another easy “to do” is to seal off any possible entrances that can lead cockroaches to gain access. Whether it’s weather seals on doors and windows, under sinks and bathroom cabinets, or even leaving a door open to catch a breeze; all are perfect opportunities to gain entrance.


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While these simple steps that you can do on your own will help to prevent cockroaches, if they do decide to make your home theirs, it can be very challenging to push them out. This is why All “U” Need Pest Control is your local, top-rated cockroach control company throughout Southwest Florida.

A member of our pest control technician team will perform an in-person inspection of your home or business to determine the species of cockroach, the severity of the infestation, possible food/water sources, points of possible access, as well as potential future issues. From there they will create a custom treatment plan that focuses on your exacting needs. Leave it to the professionals and call us today!

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