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Rats! Why Are They In Your Home or Business?



Seldom few people enjoy the site of a rat, short of having one as a pet as a child. Even fewer people care for them to live in their home with them, completely uninvited. Rats predominantly live outside and can enter your home or business at any time if given the chance and opening.

Sadly, it’s a fact that rainy weather brings pests and rodents in such as rats, and the rainy season isn’t just upon us, but it is here in full force. As a result, rats begin to seek shelter as the rains move in (such as your home or business) seeking a warm and dry home during these wet periods. Worse yet, if they truly want to gain entry to your property to call it their own home, it only takes an opening the size of a quarter to gain entry and establish a new colony. How easy is it to overlook such a small hole on the exterior of your home or business?

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Off the bat, just from the title of this, you probably aren’t too thrilled about the thought of sharing your home or business with unwanted and unwelcome rats. Here are just a few reasons why you don’t want these furry little rodents running around your home or business in Southwest Florida:

Fires. You read that right. Rats have the ability to chew through wires that can cause fires. After all, they don’t know the danger in what they are doing. They are merely looking to nest and find food. It is estimated that up to 20% of unexplained fires each year are caused by this!

Die. As morbid and blunt as it is, it’s the natural cycle of life. With an ever growing and aging population, rats can naturally (or unnaturally by way of DIY poisons) die within your ceilings and walls that can cause a very foul smelling situation.

Destruction. Rats are destructive! They will not only eat up electrical wiring but eat drywall and insulation. Worst yet, they can destroy other parts of your property as well as your belongings.

Noise. While they are nocturnal and are great at hiding, rodents don’t realize how loud they actually are. You can easily hear them running around in the attic or the walls. Unfortunately this can be at any time during the day or night, so you can easily be woken ore interrupted.

Health. It’s no secret, rats bring diseases. Rat’s have been known to carry several different diseases that can easily be transmitted to humans. These include rat bite fever, hantavirus, viral hemorrhagic, and more. Have you ever heard of the black plague?



As mentioned before, Rats can get in through the smallest of openings. This is why we first check and seal off some of the most common entrances that rats use to get into your home or business in Southwest Florida. They can come in through openings in the attic, gaps in your garage door, plumbing vents, pipe openings, gaps between the walls and ceilings on the outside, dryer vents, and many more.

With so many ways in, here are a few tips that can help you keep rats out of your home or business here in Southwest, Florida: Contact All “U” Need Pest Control! We know how to get rid of these rodents while ensuring your home or business here in southwest Florida is kept safe from any more rodent infestations.

We also specialize in removing and preventing rodents in local commercial businesses here in Southwest Florida. Rats in your place of business can threaten your company’s ability to both operate as well as maintain your reputation. Regardless if you are a restaurant, a storefront, or an office building; it is imperative to keep it clean and pest-free. The presence of rats can incur fines, illness of staff or guests, shutdowns, or even the loss of a business.


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All “U” Need Pest Control guarantees our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee in eliminating and preventing any further rodent infestations in you home or business in Southwest Florida. Should you have an issue with any aspect of our treatments, we will come back and re-service your home or business at absolutely no cost to you.

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