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Number One Lawn Care in Southwest Florida


Number One Lawn Care in Southwest Florida

A lush, green, healthy and weed free lawn doesn’t just make you the envy of your neighborhood, it is an extension of where you live, where you entertain friends and family, where you relax and enjoy our Florida sunshine. It is the part of your home where your kids and pets go out and have hours of endless fun. Yet, your lawn is so much more than that; it is alive, living and breathing while being complicated and delicate.

It’s a delicate ecosystem with multiple interdependent parts that all work together and benefit from one another. A healthy and lush lawn takes a deep understanding of all these different and independent aspects and how they need to seamlessly work together: the type of grass, the soil, what season is it, water intake (both rain and irrigation), presence of pests, amount of shade, sun exposure, mold and diseases, weeds, and intake of essential nutrients. Each one is but a small cog in a giant wheel and takes a number once lawn care expert in Southwest Florida to understand how they work together to have the perfect, healthy lawn.

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Our number one lawn care technicians in Southwest Florida will carefully evaluate all these conditions to identify what is present or out of synch that may be hurting or even killing your lawn. We will help you protect the integrity of your lawn, and we accomplish this in three distinct steps.


Before any detailed and customized plan is created for your exacting needs, you need a highly experienced and trained technician to evaluate and assess your lawn. This is why we will send one of the number one lawn care technicians in Southwest Florida to inspect your lawn assessing its help as well as explaining multiple lawn care options we offer. We look at both your grass and other plants to detect any current issues as well as preventative plans.

This is the beginning of your lawn care “road map” which is a step-by-step plan we create to bring your lawn to the greatest level of health possible, all while being eco-friendly and 100% pet and child safe!

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As soon as a robust and comprehensive lawn care treatment “road map” has been developed, our licensed and certified lawn care technicians in Southwest Florida will implement the appropriate nutrients and actions needed to ensure you have a healthy, disease, mold, pest and weed free lawn.

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Our customized lawn care services are a year-round solution rather than a “one time” application. This to ensure your lawn is never choked out by weeds, starved of nutrients, or overrun by unwelcome pests. Once your first treatment is completed, we will continue to monitor and help protect your lawn by keeping a precise and delicate balance of all the parts that work together in unison.

If you are looking to have a lush and beautiful lawn, then you will LOVE having us service your lawn and having All “U” Need Pest Control on your side! Call to learn more at (239)424-8742 or our Sarasota location at (941)256-7370.

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