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Prevent rodents from taking up residence

Make your move before they do

Rodents can enter your home through extremely small openings. Thoroughly inspecting your home is the first step to prevent rodents from accessing your home. Any holes or openings need to be covered; a task that might best be left to professionals skilled in the type of construction of your home. Vent covers and heavy-duty steel screening can prevent rodents from getting into soffit and attic vents.

Other areas to check:

  • Gaps under doors
  • Dryer vents
  • Between the foundation and the ground
  • Around holes for electrical, plumbing, cable, and gas lines
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Prevent rodents from taking a leap

Cut down their opportunities

Most rodents are adept climbers and some, like squirrels, can leap great distances.

  • Cut back tree limbs that may be touching your house or arching over your roof to discourage them from jumping.
  • Remove any wall-climbing ivy. In addition to be a “rat ladder,” ivy provides shelter and a food source for rodents: snails and slugs.
  • Maintain at least a 2-foot space between bushes, shrubs, fences, and buildings.
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Prevent rodents from dining-in

Deny them access to food and water

Rodents invade your home looking for food, water, and shelter. Denying them access to food and water will discourage them from seeking shelter in your home or business. These home hygiene tips should help:

  • Control food sources by keeping food properly sealed. Use thick plastic or metal containers with tight lids.
  • Clean up spilled food right away and wash dishes and cooking utensils soon after use.
  • Keep outside cooking areas and grills clean.
  • Always put pet food away after use and do not leave pet food or water bowls out overnight.
  • Use a thick plastic or metal garbage can with a tight lid; empty your kitchen trash can nightly.
  • Keep compost bins as far away from the house as possible (100 feet or more is best).
  • Keep grains and animal feed in thick plastic or metal containers with tight lids. In the evening, uneaten animal feed should be returned to containers with lids.

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