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Termites are beneficial insects in nature, they breakdown cellulose and in the process return nutrients to the soil. But when they infest structures, termites do more damage than fires, storms and earthquakes combined.

Subterranean Termites

    • They nest in soil

    • Cause the most damage

    • Commonly found in Florida

    • Swarm especially warmer months

Do you already have them?

Look for a pile of wings in the house and mud tubes on the house or at the foundation.

Drywood Termites

    • They nest in wood

    • Swarm mostly Jan to May

    • Attracted to lights

Do you already have them? 

Look for wings and/or droppings that look like fine sawdust straw color to reddish-brown on window ledges, frames, sills & attics.

Surface blisters are a sign of advanced infestation or wing/droppings inside the house.

Dampwood Termites

    • They nest in damp wood

    • Larger than Drywood & Subterranean

Do you already have them?

Sawdust looking droppings and/or muddy droppings in wet areas. Damaged wood with hollow sound when tapped.

All “U” Need Pest Control uses the latest, most effective and environmentally responsible termite treatment, control and prevention programs available. Our pest control technicians are certified in Termite Control, General Household Pest Control and Lawn Care. We use Advance, Termidor and BoraCare products and systems to insure you have a termite free environment. Click here to download your Termite Service Agreement now.


Termites… a Problem in SW Florida?

Did you know termites cause an estimated $2.5 billion in property damage every year? Unfortunately, there is often little visible evidence of a termite infestation. They live and feed deep inside wood, books, boxes, furniture, and drywall—and can create a lot of hidden structural damage that can be costly to repair. The best defense against termites is a good inspection by a pest control expert and starting an effective treatment program to keep them from invading your home. All “U” Need Pest Control, Inc. professionals are experts in termite inspection, eradication and control. We offer a variety of termite treatments and baiting systems to fit your unique needs. Sign up now – click here.

Termites – What to Look For 

Termites, by their nature, are hard to find. Thriving in hard-to-reach, in accessible areas, they eat your home from the inside out. Although there may be only a few indications of termite activity, take a closer look at these warning signs:

    • Watch for the “swarm” of winged termites during the day or evening and often after rainfall from February to March, in most areas of the country.

    • Check in or around windows and doorframes for termite evidence (wings, etc.)

    • Look for “mud tunnels” in or around the foundation, under windows and on walls.

    • Watch for pin-sized holes in the wall and woodwork where termites exited during the swarm.

    • Tap baseboards and floors to see if they sound hollow — a possible sign of termite infestation.

    • Examine window sills and walls for dead termites or termite wings.

    • Blistering on sheetrock.

Termites cause damage in hidden areas – behind walls, in crawl spaces and basements. Most homeowner policies do not cover termite damage, so monitoring termite activity puts you at a real advantage as a homeowner. Many pest management professionals offer annual inspection services and treatment guarantees by installing bait systems such as the Advance® Termite Bait System to offer full protection of your home. Many homeowners find a termite monitoring awareness program a very cost effective alternative to track potential termite threat zones* around their homes before investing in a full protection program. Termite monitoring alone does not in anyway ensure or guarantee your home won’t be damaged. It’s a first step towards awareness of the termite pressure in areas close to your home.

They will not stop – Unless you stop them.



Schedule your Termite Inspection today by calling (239) 424-8742 Termites cause more damage than hurricanes. Don’t let Termites destroy your home.  All U Need Pest Control can protect & rid your property of Termites. Please note, treatment depends on the type of Termite found. A professionally trained tech will inspect & treat your property.  We are here for all your pest needs. Call us today (239) 549-9669 for your FREE commercial or residential inspection.


We are here for all your pest needs. Call us today (239) 424-8742 for your FREE commercial or residential inspection.

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